How to reconnect your Bitly account

You may have seen Bitly’s Urgent Security Update Regarding Your Bitly Account. If you have not connected your own Bitly user account in twitterfeed, then you need take no action at our (twitterfeed’s) end. If you have connected your own Bitly account, then Bitly recommends that you reconnect the account - here are instructions on how to do this in twitterfeed. Follow the guidance in the above post from Bitly to disconnect twitterfeed from your Bitly account, and then reconnect your account as described below - once you’ve done this, we’ll continue to be able to post using your own Bitly account and custom domain.

To reconnect your own Bitly account, click “edit” next to the feed in your twitterfeed dashboard. Then click “Advanced Settings”, followed by clicking on the “bitly settings” link (to the right of the “Shorten link through…” dropdown box). Next click on “Connect new bitly account” (even though in this case, you won’t connect a new account, but reconnect your existing account). This will take you to Bitly’s website, where you can authorise twitterfeed again, and we will then get a new token from Bitly to replace the old one, so your account will have been reconnected.

If you have multiple feeds using the same Bitly account, then you only need to do this for one feed, and not for every feed separately.

Any further questions or problems - we are happy to help at, as always!

A reminder about Facebook passwords and tokens

Hi all,

while itself is not (and never has been) vulnerable to the Heartbleed security issue you may have read about in the last day or two, we realise that many of you may have changed your passwords on Facebook.

This is a reminder that when you change your Facebook password, Facebook also invalidates all your tokens that you have provided to 3rd party applications like twitterfeed. So if you do change your Facebook password, or have done so in the past few days, also remember to re-connect any of your Facebook accounts or Facebook pages in twitterfeed, to make sure we are able to continue publishing on your behalf.

See for more information on how to reconnect your Facebook account and pages.

Please note this same issue does not affect Twitter, they handle tokens differently, so even if you changed your Twitter password, you won’t have to to re-connect your Twitter account,  and no action is needed for us to continue publishing to Twitter.

Thanks for using twitterfeed!

Use twitterfeed to update your LinkedIn company page

Hi all!

We’ve been making it easy to publish your content to your LinkedIn profile for some time, and many of you have been asking to be able to publish that content to your LinkedIn company page too.

Wait no longer…. we are releasing an update today that adds just that - you can now connect one or more LinkedIn company pages to your feed, so company updates can be published automatically whenever your feed is updated.

It works pretty much the same as the existing LinkedIn connection - after authorising your LinkedIn user account, we check to see if you are the administrator of a company page, and if you are, you can then select that company page to publish to. If you are an administrator of more than one page, you can select the page you wish to publish to from a drop-down box on the setup page.

You’ll see this new feature under “Step 2” when adding or editing a feed in your twitterfeed dashboard: there is now a new “LinkedIn Company Page” option under the “Available Services” heading.

As always, we’ll be listening at for feedback on this and any other aspects of our service.

Thanks, and hope you’ll find this useful!

An easier way to re-connect Facebook accounts

Hi all!

Earlier this year, Facebook made a change so that applications using their API are no longer able to publish on a user’s behalf forever, but only for 60 days. After connecting your Facebook account, twitterfeed is then able to publish to your account or Page for 60 days, but you have to come back and re-connect that account after those 60 days. We realise this can be a pain, but it’s sadly out of our hands (and it doesn’t only affect twitterfeed, but all applications using the Facebook Graph API).

In order to help manage this in as easy a way as possible, we’ve been doing a number of things:

1. When you connect a Facebook account, we display the expiry date of that connection/token, so you can tell by which date you need to return to twitterfeed and re-connect the account:

2. We have set up a summary page that lists all your connected Facebook accounts and/or pages, from where you can directly re-connect them. This is useful for users with multiple feeds and/or multiple Facebook accounts and pages, since you no longer have to edit all the separate feeds in order to re-connect, but can re-connect all the accounts from one place. You can get to this summary page via the “account” menu link when you’re signed into twitterfeed, then click “my Facebook connections”. This will list all your connected Facebook accounts and pages, and clicking on “Refresh Token” to the right of the account will re-connect this account, and automatically update any feeds that use this Facebook connection.

3. The last piece in the jigsaw is still a work in progress, but we will soon be sending you reminder email notifications before a Facebook token expires, which should help to minimize occasions where we are no longer allowed to publish because the token has expired. Watch this space for more updates on this in the near future!

We hope these measures and tools are helpful to all of you using twitterfeed to publish to Facebook. As ever, please let us know your feedback or details of any issues you encounter by going to

Thanks for your continued support everyone!

A xmas present for users

Hi all! As of today, you can share your content to in addition to our existing networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). So if you’re an early adopter-type already active on, or thinking of adding it as an additional publishing channel, go ahead and let us know your feedback!

We’re on ourselves so are happy to connect there too - find us as twitterfeed, and our founder Mario is on there too!

Any problems, comments etc., please let us know at


Extending our relationship with LinkedIn

We’ve been providing the means to publish your content to LinkedIn for some time, and it has become an increasingly popular channel for twitterfeed users. As a result, we are excited to extend our relationship with LinkedIn. As an existing LinkedIn member, you can now sign in to twitterfeed using your LinkedIn account and we’ll automatically sync your account for sharing - simplifying the RSS feed set-up to one step.

LinkedIn has published a brief blog post about our integration on their developer blog here:

So if you are a LinkedIn member, automatically sending your content to LinkedIn’s community of 187 million professionals through twitterfeed couldn’t be easier. The ability to spread content across LinkedIn’s homepage, groups, network updatestreams, emails, mobile app and more is a huge advantage. By sharing their content to LinkedIn via twitterfeed, publishers can drive higher engagement and click-through with rich media content across all of LinkedIn’s products. 

If you’re new to twitterfeed and want to start sharing your content, go to to get started. If you are an existing twitterfeed user and want to add LinkedIn as an additional channel to share your content, simply edit your existing feed(s) in the twitterfeed dashboard, and under “Step 2” add LinkedIn as a publishing service.

We’re confident you’ll find this closer integration useful, and thanks for your continued support! 

Nice example of a workflow that will allows posting to Twitter and Facebook selectively using Twitterfeed and Evernote.

Some Dashboard tweaks

Hi all,

we’ve made some tweaks to the Twitterfeed dashboard to make it easier for you to get to the in-depth Bitly stats for your links.

We still display the number of user clicks each of your posts has got, but in addition there is now a “stats” link next to each post in the dashboard, which takes you directly to Bitly’s brand spanking new stats page, where you’ll see detailed counts and charts for all activity related to your shared items.

While we’re on the subject, we just wanted to remind you that you can set up your own Bitly account (even with your own custom domain) for use within Twitterfeed and similar tools. Instructions on how to enter your Bitly user information in Twitterfeed are available at, and if you’re interested in using your own custom domain for shortening links, Bitly tells you how here:

Hope you’ll like these tweaks, and thanks for using Twitterfeed!

A change to the Facebook post format

Hi all, we’ve just gone live with at change to the Facebook post format - we now post items as shared links, which provides a nicer “share” dialog, but more importantly works around an issue with the new Facebook Page layouts (which come into force at the end of the month, but are widely used already):

In the new Pages layout, all posts would be aggregated together in a box, making it very hard to find new posts, unless you (as Page owner) go in there and highlight them manually. Most of you were understandably unhappy about this, so we decided to post items as shared links, which makes them appear much more prominently in the new Page layout.

There are actually a number of bugs and suggestions that have been submitted to Facebook in relation to this issue (and similar issues with the new Pages layout), so we may switch back to the original way of posting, once/if there is a way to make these posts appear more prominently on the Pages.

Thanks for your support, as always!

We’ve just come across this very nice video on how to use Twitterfeed by @katiefreiling - thanks to @schurpf for the heads-up! Hope it will be of use to some of you ;)