How to post from Twitter to Facebook and vice-versa using Twitterfeed

Happy Tuesday!

Everyone knows that you can use Twitterfeed to feed your blog to Facebook and Twitter. But did you know that you can also use Twitterfeed to feed your Facebook posts to Twitter and to feed your Twitter posts to Facebook?

It’s simple!  To go from Twitter to Facebook, just use your Twitter page URL as your blog URL, ie. to post from the twfeed account use this as your blog URL:

(Note: if you’re on #newtwitter, remove the #! from the URL, ie. use and not!/twfeed)

With the new simplified sign up, that’s all you need - Twitterfeed will automatically discover your RSS feed URL, and you can then connect that feed to the Facebook service.

To post from Facebook to Twitter is a bit more complicated.

First, click on and grab your facebook id and key from the RSS feed URL.

Then substitute your facebook id and key in the facebook status feed, it should look like this:[your_facebook_id]&viewer=[your_facebook_id]&key=[your_internal_key]&format=rss20

Use that as your feed URL and as usual, connect that to your Twitter account!

Hat tip: Kristi Barrow

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